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Avoid back pain with snow shoveling.

Low back injuries are very common with snow shoveling, especially after the first big snowfall of the year. But if done properly, it can actually be a good workout. Think about the these tips next time you are out shoveling to avoid injury. –Warm up and start slow: Don’t go in cold and lift heavy …

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Tips to avoid pain in the garden.

Gardening season is here! Back injuries are common, especially at the start of the season when our bodies aren’t used to the demands of lifting, lugging, bending and digging. Here are some tips to help avoid aches and pains in the garden. -Pace yourself: Don’t overdo it the first time you get out there. Do …

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There is no perfect posture.

One of the most common causes of back and neck pain is deskwork or sitting at the computer. So chiropractors often get asked about posture at the desk. The common advice is to set up your desk and chair ergonomically so that you are sitting tall, with the spine straight, and the elbows, hips and …

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Is it still cool to ice your injuries?

An article recently featured in the Ottawa Citizen supported new evidence that icing injuries and sprains may not always the best approach. The traditional thinking, that applying ice to an injury to reduce inflammation and blood flow, is being challenged by recent studies that suggest that repeated icing of injuries or overworked muscles could have …

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What is the best sleeping position?

This is a common question with no simple answer. However, the good news is that in general, whatever sleeping position works for you is the best one. Sleep however your body is able to comfortably rest. But if you are frequently not sleeping well, or waking up stiff and sore, you may need to try …

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Rethinking Treatment for Concussions

Concussions are mild brain injuries that can cause headaches, dizziness, fatigue, vision changes, memory loss, neck pain as well as other symptoms. In the past, the traditional recommendations for a concussion have been to take it easy and avoid anything that aggravates symptoms. So you may have been told to take it easy and stop …

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Rideau Chiropractic 41

Dr. Joel Weber

Experienced Chiropractor and Acupuncture Provider

Dr. Joel has been providing both Chiropractic and Acupuncture services to the Rideau Lakes community since 2013.

Dr. Joel is the only provider of these services within the Township of Rideau Lakes.

He promotes living an active, healthy lifestyle complimented by Chiropractic care.



I suffered horrific symptoms from a concussion I received when I fell backward on the ice, skating with my family. When my symptoms stayed with me daily and lingered into the six month mark, a friend suggested that I make an appointment with Dr. Joel Weber at Rideau Lakes Chiropractic; he had helped someone else whom she knows.

The manual treatment was an almost instant relief and while the eye exercises were challenging at first, they helped significantly and gradually became easier. Today, I am free of concussive symptoms. I quite literally have my life back as I knew it prior to my concussion. I wish I had known about this treatment much earlier.


I have been a client at Rideau Lakes Chiropractic since Joel opened his doors in 2013. From my first appointment I knew that my experience with Joel as a chiropractor was going to be vastly different than any I had experienced before. Joel allotted ample time to discuss how I was physically feeling before beginning treatment. He used a variety of treatment types to alleviate chronic pain in my neck and shoulders including acupuncture, stretching and manual adjustments. I went from seeing Joel multiple times a week to once or twice a month. His expertise and the thoroughness in which he treats clients is truly remarkable. Since becoming a client at Rideau Lakes Chiropractic, I have a better quality of life - my back and shoulders do not cause me a fraction of the discomfort I once felt, I sleep better and have ample stretching ideas provided to me to help improve any pain I am feeling. If you are seeking any kind of relief from pain - back, neck or otherwise - Joel Weber is an outstanding option for chiropractic care.


Great service to have available in a small town. Joel provides exercises along with his adjustments which is very helpful in improving recovery from an injury.

Just fabulous!  Joel and Tracy share information for maximum health benefit. Fantastic service.  


Great service that is tailored to specific ailments. The treatment from Rideau Lakes Chiropractic has reduced my neck and back pain and resolved my jaw pain flare-ups. 


I only go here for acupuncture, but Dr Joel is as good or better than some full time acupuncturists I have gone to.  Highly recommended!


Dr. Weber is amazing. Best Chiropractor around.


On my very first assessment, Dr. Weber listened carefully and was very focused on relieving my symptoms. Within minutes, my medical file was retrieved and reviewed online. He then integrated a personalized therapeutic treatment plan which combined acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments. I have been pain free for over a year now and have been able to resume an active, physical lifestyle. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Weber’s approach to pain therapy and continue a symptom free maintenance program under his care.


Joel Weber B.SC. DC

Guthrie House

Guthrie House

10 Perth Street
Elgin ON K0G 1E0